Tuesday 25 April 2017

100mm Fort Duquesne Miniatures ACW Private 42nd Pennsylvania "The Bucktails" 1864

Here we have my latest model, a Private from the 42nd Pennsylvania Volounteer Infantry regiment " The Bucktails" in 100mm from Fort Duquesne models.
This regiment was raised in Northern Pennsylvania in April 1861 by Thomas L. Kane and accepted as a part of Governer Curtin's Pennsylvania Reserves for a 3 year service. The regiment went to Federal service in August 1861.
The regiment received Sharps rifles on August 10 1862, these being replaced in early 1864 by Spencer repeaters.
Two companies are known to have carried Spencers as early as Gettysburg.
The Bucktail badge was introduced early on and usually was nothing more than a strip of deer hide.

Thanks for looking and any questions or comments are welcome.

Thanks Michael.