Friday 25 May 2012

Spanish General 28mm Brigade Games Salute Single figure-Paul Hicks-

Hello again to all that have looked at my blog and a thanks also to those who have taken time to leave a comment, they are much appreciated.
Here are some pictures of my entry into the Salute 2012 Single Wargames figure category, this one again got onto the finallists table but did not get a prize.  It came up against some larger 54mm models, they really should have a seperate category for larger scale models, a 15mm figure has not got much chance against a 54mm, in my opinion.  I dont know anyone that games in 54mm.
Anyhow thats my moan over for now, this is a 28mm Brigade Games Spanish General sculpted by Paul Hicks from the Peninsular War.  I just had to paint this as its a wonderful sculpt, as you can see.
The horse is from Warlord Games and was supposed to have The Earl of Essex seated on it, but not in my world.  Cannonballs are ball bearings, a resin barrel, a strip of plastic tape, for reigns and a printed map of Spain finish the other parts.
Photos taken by my phone, no new camera yet.
Any questions or comments are most welcome, thanks for looking Michael.

Saturday 12 May 2012

First Corps Carthaginian War Elephant 28mm Salute 2012 Entry

I managed to go to Carronade in Falkirk last week and spend no money or even have time to look around at stuff.  Reason being I took along some of my lead mountain, books etc to sell on a Flea market table, which I did, great idea this,  other conventions should use this idea.  It works out at £2 an hour for rental of a table and what you make is yours to keep.  I cleared out a big space ready for more stuff I dont really need!
Anyhow here is my entry into this years Salute 2012 painting competition.  It was entered into the Wargames other category, but did not place.
The figures are by First corps miniatures and are 28mm in scale, Elephant is resin and men are metal.  I just fancied painting something a little bit different and found this nicely sculpted Elephant.  All the shields are hand painted and turned out quite well, the bases on the foot soldiers were filed away to give a bit of realism and space inside the Howdah, not an easy task.

The bow string and arrow were added after finishing the model, both made by myself,  I let my son run his critical eye over it and he noticed the flaw, not an easy task this either. The shield on ground is a drawing pin. Photos taken with my phone.
Thanks for looking, any questions or comments are welcome.