Monday 6 June 2011

Mexican Spy Company 40mm. GRINGO40s

As promised I have finished painting the Gringo40s Spy company vignette, not 100% as I am not sure how I am going to base them yet.
Thanks to Ged at Gringo40s for helping with colours of uniforms etc.
As you can see from photos these are 40mm figures, solid and well sculpted.
The history of this unit is quite interesting as they fought for the U.S. and not Mexico as I first thought. Mainly made up of Ex Jailbirds and the like but led by proper Officers, a kind of early Dirty Dozen if you like. As you can see from the bands on their hats, they actually wore these! they were called the Spy Company.
Go to Ged's page for further details etc.
Any comments are welcome. Thanks for looking