Tuesday 25 November 2014

Camerone 30th April 1863 - Last stand Diorama completed 54mm French Foreign Legion

Yes,  at last I have completed this diorama, of the Last stand at Camerone by the French Foreign Legion on the 30th April 1863 in Mexico.
As stated before it is a Pegaso Elite kit in 54mm.
Again I wont bore you with historical details, but it is an interesting story so take a look elsewhere for what happened on this day.
The pictures are again taken with my phone and it was a struggle to get all figures into focus, I think they turned out not too bad.

Thanks for looking.
Any questions or comments are most welcome,  Michael.

Friday 21 November 2014

28mm Wargames Illustrated Prince Rupert Wargames Foundry limited Edition

Back again and back to a smaller scale figure.  Having been at Targe 2014 in Kirriemuir it put me back into the smaller scale stuff.
So I raked out this old figure of Prince Rupert in 28mm by Wargames Foundry, a nicely sculpted, limited Edition 2 piece figure.
It was a quicker paint than usual,  probably because  the ECW  has never been my cup of tea.
It will probably be back to a larger scale for my next project.
Thanks for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome.