Sunday 30 December 2012

28mm Lt.Bromhead Ltd Edition Black Scorpion resin figure

Hello again to all and I hope you all had a good Xmas, and an even better New Year when it comes.
I ended up with a cold, Man Flu my wife calls it,  but it kept me indoors and feeling unwell for a few days so to take my mind of that I ended up raking out this figure.
Its the limited edition resin version by Black Scorpion miniatures in 28mm, although their  figures are slightly larger and chunkier than most makes.
The film Zulu was yet again on television so it really had to be this figure to paint to keep my mind occupied.

The figure itself is okay, not as good as I had thought it to be when I bought it at Salute a couple of years back for £6.
Again pictures taken by my phone.  Any comments or questions are most welcome, thanks again for looking, Michael.