Sunday 9 September 2012

40mm Sioux Indian mounted on stolen Cavalry mount

Here is my latest model that I have painted and I am happy with the outcome as the Horse and rider are not meant to be together.  They are both by Sash and Sabre or Old Glory and in 40mm, the horse being a U.S. Cavalry mount and rider an Indian Brave.

I feel they work well together and only took a little bit of work to fit to each other.

The model is trying to represent an Indian fleeing after stealing a Cavalry troopers mount, a test of his bravery etc.

Thanks for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome.  Michael

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Salute 2010 Robot and Girl 28mm

I have been painting  some new models but not finished enough to make a post so decided to again post pictures of some of my older work.  I forgot I had this piece and came across it at the back of one of my display cabinets.
Its not really my cup of tea but turned out okay and looking at it I can now see 2 years later where I could have done better. 
Every time I look at my older painted models I see things I could have done better, I suppose this is a good thing as I feel you should always get better at what you do, and as they say -Practice makes perfect-.

This is a Salute 2010 model in 28mm,  given away at the event and it really did not do it for me at all, but it needed painted and here it is.

Painters block has set in again, so I am on lookout for that special figure to get me back in the groove, as they say.  Anyone with a figure in mind please do let me know, as you can see I have a very varied taste.

Any comments or questions are most welcome.  Thanks, Michael.