Sunday 30 December 2012

28mm Lt.Bromhead Ltd Edition Black Scorpion resin figure

Hello again to all and I hope you all had a good Xmas, and an even better New Year when it comes.
I ended up with a cold, Man Flu my wife calls it,  but it kept me indoors and feeling unwell for a few days so to take my mind of that I ended up raking out this figure.
Its the limited edition resin version by Black Scorpion miniatures in 28mm, although their  figures are slightly larger and chunkier than most makes.
The film Zulu was yet again on television so it really had to be this figure to paint to keep my mind occupied.

The figure itself is okay, not as good as I had thought it to be when I bought it at Salute a couple of years back for £6.
Again pictures taken by my phone.  Any comments or questions are most welcome, thanks again for looking, Michael.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Zulu Induna 120mm Pilipili Models

Hello again to you,  here we have some pictures of my latest work and a change in scale.
This is a 120mm Zulu Induna from Pilipili Models, I have had this models for ages and eventually got it done after watching the film Zulu for the umpteenth time and giving me the motivation to paint it .
This is a resin model and fitted really well together and is highly recommended, if still available, I really have had this for years so it might not still be available.
Overall this model took about the same time to complete as I sometimes spend on my 28mm figures.
The model is again painted in acrylics and photographed with my phone.

Thanks for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome.  Michael

Sunday 9 September 2012

40mm Sioux Indian mounted on stolen Cavalry mount

Here is my latest model that I have painted and I am happy with the outcome as the Horse and rider are not meant to be together.  They are both by Sash and Sabre or Old Glory and in 40mm, the horse being a U.S. Cavalry mount and rider an Indian Brave.

I feel they work well together and only took a little bit of work to fit to each other.

The model is trying to represent an Indian fleeing after stealing a Cavalry troopers mount, a test of his bravery etc.

Thanks for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome.  Michael

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Salute 2010 Robot and Girl 28mm

I have been painting  some new models but not finished enough to make a post so decided to again post pictures of some of my older work.  I forgot I had this piece and came across it at the back of one of my display cabinets.
Its not really my cup of tea but turned out okay and looking at it I can now see 2 years later where I could have done better. 
Every time I look at my older painted models I see things I could have done better, I suppose this is a good thing as I feel you should always get better at what you do, and as they say -Practice makes perfect-.

This is a Salute 2010 model in 28mm,  given away at the event and it really did not do it for me at all, but it needed painted and here it is.

Painters block has set in again, so I am on lookout for that special figure to get me back in the groove, as they say.  Anyone with a figure in mind please do let me know, as you can see I have a very varied taste.

Any comments or questions are most welcome.  Thanks, Michael.

Sunday 12 August 2012

54mm Shenandoah Confederate Cavalry with Guidon 32nd Texas

Hello again to all, here is my latest piece painted in about 10 hours due to it being a fantastic sculpt by Shenandoah Miniatures of Australia in 54mm.
The figure itself is of a Confederate Cavalryman Guidon bearer, of the 32nd Texas,   and came with a choice of heads.  There was also a metal flag that came with pack  but felt this was a bit cumbersome so I made myself one and stuck it to a paper clip.
I acquired this and some other Shenandoah figures in a swap, Thank you again Brian, hope you like what I have done with it?
I painted the buttons etc using NMM but not sure if it works well enough, I feel proper metallic paint works better on 54mm scale models upwards.
There is no particular reason why I made him from the 32nd Texas, he just ended up this way.

Any comments or questions are most welcome, thanks for looking.


Wednesday 25 July 2012

Brigade Games 28mm French Dromedary Camel Corps Napoleonic

Hello again, still not picked up a brush so here are some pictures of some of my earlier work.
These are French Dromedary Corps from Brigade Games in 28mm, sculpted once again by Paul Hicks, they are quite a small petit 28mm.

As soon as I seen these I had to have them, they are not really my period and I did not know much about them as a unit.  So as it goes with me, once I start work on them I checked online etc for info on them for painting accuracy etc.
As you may know there is not a lot out there of info on them, but I did find enough.  The flag is designed by myself as there is nothing definite on details for same or if they even had one.  So if anyone is painting these up and are struggling for a flag, let me know and I will send the Jpeg onto you.

Each of the Camels is a different colour, not sure if this is noticable in pictures, but it is in my display case.   Again these are lovely sculpts and the novelty factor of Camels makes them highly recommended. 

I do have some of these left over unpainted if anyone fancies trying one, for a swap?

Any questions or comments are most welcome.  Michael

Saturday 23 June 2012

Salute 2011 Confederate Officer 28mm Perry Miniatures

Hello again, not back into painting properly yet, sort of taking a break so decided to take some more pictures of my finished models.
Here we have the Salute 2011 figure from Perry Miniatures in 28mm, a lovely sculpt but not that easy a task to paint as it is a one piece casting.
I painted this one as a Confederate General as opposed to a Union Officer, I do have another one and may paint it up as such, or not.
I am not convinced whether I chose right on making horse a dapple grey to go with the grey of uniform, it might of looked better as a black or brown horse.
The letters are wooden, bought from a hobby store and are only temporarily fixed, they may be removed, I am not sure yet.  They painted up well and quite surprised me how well they looked.
Again the pictures were taken with my phone.

Any questions or comments are most welcome.  Michael

Friday 15 June 2012

Claymore Castings 28mm Scottish Knight -1388-Otterburn

Hello again and thank you to those that have looked at my Blog and those that have left comments, they are very welcome and appreciated.
This is a Scottish Knight from Claymore Castings and sculpted by Paul Hicks.
I painted this up rather quicker than usual, having used a black undercoat for a change, I tried to speed paint it and managed to do whole thing in about 3hours, start to finish, thats quick for me. He  has been painted to represent Sir John Lindsay of Dunord at the Battle of Otterburn in July 1388.  The shield is hand painted and I am not happy with it, but it looks okay. 
The shield is not permanently fitted to figure as I was unsure how he would have held it, when charging and holding his sword with both hands, so there are pictures with it in different positions, Blutack is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome.  Michael

Friday 25 May 2012

Spanish General 28mm Brigade Games Salute Single figure-Paul Hicks-

Hello again to all that have looked at my blog and a thanks also to those who have taken time to leave a comment, they are much appreciated.
Here are some pictures of my entry into the Salute 2012 Single Wargames figure category, this one again got onto the finallists table but did not get a prize.  It came up against some larger 54mm models, they really should have a seperate category for larger scale models, a 15mm figure has not got much chance against a 54mm, in my opinion.  I dont know anyone that games in 54mm.
Anyhow thats my moan over for now, this is a 28mm Brigade Games Spanish General sculpted by Paul Hicks from the Peninsular War.  I just had to paint this as its a wonderful sculpt, as you can see.
The horse is from Warlord Games and was supposed to have The Earl of Essex seated on it, but not in my world.  Cannonballs are ball bearings, a resin barrel, a strip of plastic tape, for reigns and a printed map of Spain finish the other parts.
Photos taken by my phone, no new camera yet.
Any questions or comments are most welcome, thanks for looking Michael.

Saturday 12 May 2012

First Corps Carthaginian War Elephant 28mm Salute 2012 Entry

I managed to go to Carronade in Falkirk last week and spend no money or even have time to look around at stuff.  Reason being I took along some of my lead mountain, books etc to sell on a Flea market table, which I did, great idea this,  other conventions should use this idea.  It works out at £2 an hour for rental of a table and what you make is yours to keep.  I cleared out a big space ready for more stuff I dont really need!
Anyhow here is my entry into this years Salute 2012 painting competition.  It was entered into the Wargames other category, but did not place.
The figures are by First corps miniatures and are 28mm in scale, Elephant is resin and men are metal.  I just fancied painting something a little bit different and found this nicely sculpted Elephant.  All the shields are hand painted and turned out quite well, the bases on the foot soldiers were filed away to give a bit of realism and space inside the Howdah, not an easy task.

The bow string and arrow were added after finishing the model, both made by myself,  I let my son run his critical eye over it and he noticed the flaw, not an easy task this either. The shield on ground is a drawing pin. Photos taken with my phone.
Thanks for looking, any questions or comments are welcome.