Thursday 28 February 2013

Masterbox 1:35 US Yankee Scout and Tracker 1/35 MB3549

Hello again to all that look at my Blog, here we have a change in direction again as this is a plastic multipart kit in 1:35th scale, about the same as 40mm.
It is by a Russian company called Masterbox and very well sculpted, more anatomically correct than most wargames figures.   I was struggling to find something to paint and spotted this online, taking a chance to buy a plastic kit, of which I have always avoided like the plague.  I was more than impressed how this turned out considering the amount of parts they are made up of, not an easy build and very time consuming, but worth it.

The building of the models took a long time and a bit fiddly, not for newcomers to modelling, saying that,  its the first plastic kit I have done and also have optional builds, hats,  arms etc. I have not yet decided how I am going to base these yet, so I thought I would post them before basing, the Scout will be holding a carbine.

Once these are based and finished etc, I will post pictures of finished item, then onto another of Masterboxes kits to do, called "Attack" it comprises of 3 Us Cavalry toopers in charge mode and look fantastic poses., unfortunately Masterbox only have 2 kits in their Wild West series, others are WW2 etc, hopefully they will do more.
I may have to eat my hat as I always said I would never do plastic!

Again pictures were taken with my mobile phone and any comments or questions are most welcome.  Michael