Sunday 27 February 2011

Custers Last Stand 54mm Andrea Miniatures

I decided to take a break from painting to again photograph some of my older painted stuff.

This is 2 of Andrea Miniatures kits joined to make a decent representation of the well known Last stand, Heroic or stupid? We all have our own opinions.

I painted this a couple of years back but it always had a sheen to it when photographing it. So I gave it a quick spray with the Army painters anti-shine varnish, as recommended by Dave Imrie. I would also now highly recommend this spray varnish to people as I have tried almost every matt varnish on the market, I dont do shiny figures!

Anyhow I hope you like it and any comments welcome, thanks for looking

Sunday 20 February 2011

Artizan Mexican Infantry 28mm

Well hello again to anyone that has a look at my blog.

The Painters block has now gone and I am back to painting! The fact that I booked to go to Salute this year was the only thing that got me painting again, I always need a deadline or one almighty kick up the back end!

I will be staying at the Crowne Plaza for the weekend and hopefully have a couple of figures to enter into the Painting competition done by then.

The figures shown are Artizan Mexican Infantry that I painted about 3 or 4 years ago, I did intend to do more and obviously Crocket and the boys but you all know what our projects end up like!

Anyone fancying a blether whilst at Salute about painting figures etc please let me know?