Sunday 12 August 2012

54mm Shenandoah Confederate Cavalry with Guidon 32nd Texas

Hello again to all, here is my latest piece painted in about 10 hours due to it being a fantastic sculpt by Shenandoah Miniatures of Australia in 54mm.
The figure itself is of a Confederate Cavalryman Guidon bearer, of the 32nd Texas,   and came with a choice of heads.  There was also a metal flag that came with pack  but felt this was a bit cumbersome so I made myself one and stuck it to a paper clip.
I acquired this and some other Shenandoah figures in a swap, Thank you again Brian, hope you like what I have done with it?
I painted the buttons etc using NMM but not sure if it works well enough, I feel proper metallic paint works better on 54mm scale models upwards.
There is no particular reason why I made him from the 32nd Texas, he just ended up this way.

Any comments or questions are most welcome, thanks for looking.