Saturday 23 April 2011

Reb artillery 40mm Wargames Foundry

Well here we go again with a long awaited post.

I went to Salute in London and entered a couple of my painted pieces. The picture seen here is of my 40mm Reb artillery piece which came first in the Wargames other category. A pleasant surprise to win with this as I actually thought my other entries had more of a chance.

Anyhow I had a really good time and managed not to spend too much on figures to add to the ever increasing lead pile!

The picture shown is straight from the Salute webpage as I have not had time to photograph my newer painted figures.

The figures I used are 40mm Wargames Foundry that I bought when they were first released and sat unused for about 15 years! They have now been rereleased and are nice solid sculpts.

One purchase that I did make was of a couple of figures from Gringo40's of a Mexican spy Vignette, a mounted trooper and a Officer with spyglass. I am not sure of uniform colours for these but will have to start hunting for info, unless anyone reading this knows?

Thanks for looking.