Friday, 22 November 2013

28mm Artizan Miniatures Lawrence of Arabia with Camel

Hello again to all,  I have been through a lack of motivation period again, but eventually got around to doing this piece.
The Lawrence figure is from Artizan and the Camel is a left over from Brigade Games French Dromedary Corps, which I altered slightly, both being 28mm.
I am not that happy with outcome as I did rush things, typical of my approach after doing nothing for a while.
Anyhow, pictures are again taken with my phone.

Thanks again for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Give em hell Pike! Oniria Miniatures 32mm Wild Bunch

Hello again to all that take time to look at my Blog.

Having been away on holiday I came home and decided to build and paint this model from Oniria Miniatures.
I am sure most of you will recognise the film that its from?
Yes,  The Wild Bunch, which would certainly be in my top ten of Films.
The miniature is an anatomically correct 32mm,  rather than wargames style sculpting, with large hands and head,  so its very small and petit.  Hence it was a nightmare to build correctly then paint, but very satisfying to do so.
I would much rather have had this in 54mm as most parts were miniscule to tidy up and fit together. As well as the  face and hat being not great, the head is only about 3mm x 3mm and separate from body and hat.  The face was squashed and hat was missing part of its brim.
Oh and yes I may have gone slightly overboard with blood, but it was a Sam Peckinpah film!

Oniria has recently released The Wild Bunch in 32mm walking to their doom as in last shoutout in film, not sure if I will get them yet as I would have preferred them in 54mm. Pictures were taken with phone.
Thanks for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome,  Michael.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Mounted Mongol Archer?? 54mm

Hello again to all.

I recently picked up this excellent model from a show,  its in 54mm and only had Mounted Mongol Archer written in pen on box to go on.
I hope someone here can tell me who made it and if it really is a Mongol etc?
Having searched various manufacturers websites I have come up with nothing.

Thanks in advance   Michael

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Planet of the Apes 54mm Andrea Miniatures Charlton Heston

Hello again to all that take time to look at my Blog, sorry for delay but been busy doing other things.
This is an Andrea Miniatures 54mm piece,  entitled -  Empire of the Apes, copyright probably made them call it that, I call it Planet of the Apes.  The sculpts themselves are spot on,  especially the likeness of Charlton Heston.
This is the first try out for my new paints as well as my new phone to take pictures, of which I may need to fiddle with. The Apes trousers are painted in purple but that does not show up too well in photo.
I am still into painting 54mm and upwards just now, so not sure what next project will be,  having not got to Salute this year,  I am in need of some new 28mm sculpts to get me motivated.

Thanks for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome,  Michael.

Friday, 14 June 2013

75mm Confederate Garibaldi Legion La Meridiana Miniatures

Hello again, sorry for the delay in a new post, but I bought and decided to do this larger model of a C.S.A. Garibaldi Legion Infantryman from La Meridiana Miniatures.
I bought this at the Scottish nationals in Perth and really liked the look of it, I now seem hooked on larger models again.
According to what I have found the unit was started in New Orleans and apart from that I cannot find much more,  I have known about the Garibaldi Guards from New York who fought for the North, but these guys are less known about from the South.
The model is in 75mm and made of Resin, not my favourite medium, but I am coming round to its good points.
Again its painted with Foundry paint and photo is taken with my phone.
All metalwork on figure is done in NMM

Any comments or questions are most welcome, thanks for looking  Michael

Monday, 22 April 2013

Chief Sitting Bull 54mm model EMI Hunkpapa Sioux MOF-45

Hello again to all.
As I think I mentioned before there was no trip to Salute 2013 in London for me this year for various reasons.  So I dug this model out which I had started about 2 years ago and made a point of finishing it off.
Its from EMI models in 54mm of Chief Sitting Bull of the Hunkpapa Sioux and turned out okay, although because it was half done,  I could see where in 2 years I have progressed in my painting style.  Not that I was going to strip it back and start again, but I did see a change in style for the better.
All painting done using Foundry paints, I still have gallons of the stuff so no new paints for me yet.
Any questions or comments are most welcome, pictures are again taken with my phone, Thanks for looking,  Michael.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

BLOOD TRAIL 1:35 US Yankee Scout and Tracker 1/35 Masterbox

I eventually put together the figures for this diorama, I had several ideas for it but this is how it turned out, it seems to work, feedback whether it does or not would be appreciated.  The figures are obviously as were described in the earlier post so wont go on about them.
I decided on the Indian Scout Tracker and mounted Sergeant following the BLOOD TRAIL of a wounded fugitive.

Pictures taken by my phone, so not the best, any questions or comments are most welcome,  Michael.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Masterbox 1:35 US Yankee Scout and Tracker 1/35 MB3549

Hello again to all that look at my Blog, here we have a change in direction again as this is a plastic multipart kit in 1:35th scale, about the same as 40mm.
It is by a Russian company called Masterbox and very well sculpted, more anatomically correct than most wargames figures.   I was struggling to find something to paint and spotted this online, taking a chance to buy a plastic kit, of which I have always avoided like the plague.  I was more than impressed how this turned out considering the amount of parts they are made up of, not an easy build and very time consuming, but worth it.

The building of the models took a long time and a bit fiddly, not for newcomers to modelling, saying that,  its the first plastic kit I have done and also have optional builds, hats,  arms etc. I have not yet decided how I am going to base these yet, so I thought I would post them before basing, the Scout will be holding a carbine.

Once these are based and finished etc, I will post pictures of finished item, then onto another of Masterboxes kits to do, called "Attack" it comprises of 3 Us Cavalry toopers in charge mode and look fantastic poses., unfortunately Masterbox only have 2 kits in their Wild West series, others are WW2 etc, hopefully they will do more.
I may have to eat my hat as I always said I would never do plastic!

Again pictures were taken with my mobile phone and any comments or questions are most welcome.  Michael

Friday, 18 January 2013

Zulu War Islandwhana Beneito Miniatures 54mm

Hello again to all that take time to read and leave comments on my Blog, they are very much appreciated.  I hope the New Year is going well with everyone.
I am again hitting the painters block and struggling for motivation, so decided to look through my display cabinets and found this very nice Vignette from Beneito Miniatures in 54mm I  painted a couple of years back.
Pictures are again taken with my phone and do the job.

This was a very tricky build, but worked out reasonably well.  It shows 2 comrades in arms dragging, rather hurriedly, away a wounded soldier from trouble.  I do believe this is still available for sale,  but would only recommend it to experienced modellers as there are a lot of parts to build etc, it was not easy getting the 3 figures together to look just right.

Again, thanks for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome. Michael