Monday, 12 August 2013

Mounted Mongol Archer?? 54mm

Hello again to all.

I recently picked up this excellent model from a show,  its in 54mm and only had Mounted Mongol Archer written in pen on box to go on.
I hope someone here can tell me who made it and if it really is a Mongol etc?
Having searched various manufacturers websites I have come up with nothing.

Thanks in advance   Michael


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  2. Hi Michael,

    I sent a picture of your mystery figure to a modeler/historian friend of mine in Turkey to see if he could ID it. Unfortunately, he was not able. However, he did offer these observations:

    "I do not have any idea about manufacturer of kit. It is definetly not a Mongol. At least sculpting of face its quite different with asiatic races. More seems to be like from early 1600's Turkic.Specially shield. Any firearms with kit? Not so sure but Sword also seems like yatagan which used by ottomans lot. Bots are seen like from same periode too. I cant tell much.

    The most like from early 1600's some Ottoman Turkic or occupied region like ukraine, crimean khanate, lithuanic or polish etc.."

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


  3. Brian, I have since found out more about this model. It was only available from a Spanish model magazine called Euromdelisimo in 1998. It is indeed a Mongol, a Timur Lenk from 15th Century and an aristocratic clan.
    This is just what I managed to decipher from the picture in magazine that was emailed to me, thanks for help Terry.