Friday, 14 June 2013

75mm Confederate Garibaldi Legion La Meridiana Miniatures

Hello again, sorry for the delay in a new post, but I bought and decided to do this larger model of a C.S.A. Garibaldi Legion Infantryman from La Meridiana Miniatures.
I bought this at the Scottish nationals in Perth and really liked the look of it, I now seem hooked on larger models again.
According to what I have found the unit was started in New Orleans and apart from that I cannot find much more,  I have known about the Garibaldi Guards from New York who fought for the North, but these guys are less known about from the South.
The model is in 75mm and made of Resin, not my favourite medium, but I am coming round to its good points.
Again its painted with Foundry paint and photo is taken with my phone.
All metalwork on figure is done in NMM

Any comments or questions are most welcome, thanks for looking  Michael


  1. Very inspired work, I really like the colors and the basing!

  2. Nicely done as always Michael. I'm familiar with the Union's Garibaldi Guards but have never heard of the Confederacy's equivalent. Whose figure is this?

    School will be out in another couple of weeks and it's been the year from hell. I can't wait to get back to painting.

  3. Thanks for comments.

    Brian, the model is from La Meridiana an Italian company, also did you never get my mail from a while back.