Friday, 18 January 2013

Zulu War Islandwhana Beneito Miniatures 54mm

Hello again to all that take time to read and leave comments on my Blog, they are very much appreciated.  I hope the New Year is going well with everyone.
I am again hitting the painters block and struggling for motivation, so decided to look through my display cabinets and found this very nice Vignette from Beneito Miniatures in 54mm I  painted a couple of years back.
Pictures are again taken with my phone and do the job.

This was a very tricky build, but worked out reasonably well.  It shows 2 comrades in arms dragging, rather hurriedly, away a wounded soldier from trouble.  I do believe this is still available for sale,  but would only recommend it to experienced modellers as there are a lot of parts to build etc, it was not easy getting the 3 figures together to look just right.

Again, thanks for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome. Michael