Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Brigade Games 28mm French Dromedary Camel Corps Napoleonic

Hello again, still not picked up a brush so here are some pictures of some of my earlier work.
These are French Dromedary Corps from Brigade Games in 28mm, sculpted once again by Paul Hicks, they are quite a small petit 28mm.

As soon as I seen these I had to have them, they are not really my period and I did not know much about them as a unit.  So as it goes with me, once I start work on them I checked online etc for info on them for painting accuracy etc.
As you may know there is not a lot out there of info on them, but I did find enough.  The flag is designed by myself as there is nothing definite on details for same or if they even had one.  So if anyone is painting these up and are struggling for a flag, let me know and I will send the Jpeg onto you.

Each of the Camels is a different colour, not sure if this is noticable in pictures, but it is in my display case.   Again these are lovely sculpts and the novelty factor of Camels makes them highly recommended. 

I do have some of these left over unpainted if anyone fancies trying one, for a swap?

Any questions or comments are most welcome.  Michael


  1. Fantastic work! The photography is great too. They are wonderful looking sculpts and you've done them justice with your superb painting. Best, Dean

  2. Most astonishing wonderful.