Sunday, 12 August 2012

54mm Shenandoah Confederate Cavalry with Guidon 32nd Texas

Hello again to all, here is my latest piece painted in about 10 hours due to it being a fantastic sculpt by Shenandoah Miniatures of Australia in 54mm.
The figure itself is of a Confederate Cavalryman Guidon bearer, of the 32nd Texas,   and came with a choice of heads.  There was also a metal flag that came with pack  but felt this was a bit cumbersome so I made myself one and stuck it to a paper clip.
I acquired this and some other Shenandoah figures in a swap, Thank you again Brian, hope you like what I have done with it?
I painted the buttons etc using NMM but not sure if it works well enough, I feel proper metallic paint works better on 54mm scale models upwards.
There is no particular reason why I made him from the 32nd Texas, he just ended up this way.

Any comments or questions are most welcome, thanks for looking.



  1. Fantastic job Michael. He looks so much better painted up than sitting in a box in my desk drawer. I would never have gotten around to painting him and would never have been able to do as nice a job as you have. You're right, he's a beautifully sculpted figure and I think you chose the better of the two headsculpts. I also like your shade on butternut on the pants. Well done my friend!


  2. I forget to mention the flag -- nicely done as well. And did you use acrylics on everything?

  3. Thanks for comments.
    Yes, Brian it is all painted in Acrylics.

    How goes with the 40mm figures?


  4. the skill level in this figure is off the charts amazing, he looks so real

  5. Very good painting!
    foolow me, if you are interested :)