Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Kamikaze Pilot Bust 1:10 from Andrea Miniatures

Hello again to all,  that take time to look at my models on this Blog.

This is a little bit different for me as its the first Bust I have ever done and the subject matter is not really my period and I probably would never have bought it.
I acquired this with other models  in a trade for one of my painted dioramas, thanks again Ade, I really enjoyed working on this and it shows that a change is as good as a rest sometimes.

Its of a World War 2 Japanese Kamikaze { Divine Wind }  pilot from Andrea Miniatures in 1:10 scale.

Thanks again for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome.



  1. Michael,

    Yet more sublime work. Considering it's so far out of your normal sphere you have done an absolutely superb job.

    The provision of a 'buoyancy aid' seems a bit ironic in view of his intended mission.


  2. This friggin AWESOME! I wanted to use the original photo of this are a reference for a drawing, but the original photo wasn't dramatic enough or showed depth. Your sculpture solved this layout and design issue by giving me the angle depth and volume I needed! Thank you and great job on the sculpture!