Friday, 15 June 2012

Claymore Castings 28mm Scottish Knight -1388-Otterburn

Hello again and thank you to those that have looked at my Blog and those that have left comments, they are very welcome and appreciated.
This is a Scottish Knight from Claymore Castings and sculpted by Paul Hicks.
I painted this up rather quicker than usual, having used a black undercoat for a change, I tried to speed paint it and managed to do whole thing in about 3hours, start to finish, thats quick for me. He  has been painted to represent Sir John Lindsay of Dunord at the Battle of Otterburn in July 1388.  The shield is hand painted and I am not happy with it, but it looks okay. 
The shield is not permanently fitted to figure as I was unsure how he would have held it, when charging and holding his sword with both hands, so there are pictures with it in different positions, Blutack is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for looking and any comments or questions are most welcome.  Michael


  1. Looking gorgeous!!!

    I would fit the shield like you did in the first picture of the two. The other way it just looks wrong to me!

  2. Wow - excellent painting on a superb looking sculpt. I thought it was real helmet from the thumbnail. Best, Dean

  3. Looks great michael how did you do the armour?

  4. Thanks for comments guys, they are very much appreciated.
    Willie, the figure was painted without using metalic paint. Sprayed black undercoat, then through to pure white for very highest highlights, using Foundry charcoal black in varying shades in between, less is more when doing this.

  5. Excellent painting, from the thumbnail i thought it was a picture of a fellow re-enactor. I wear a Cherbourg harness similiar to this one, by the time you're armed with a two handed sword your shield is discarded to be retrieved later, historically if it was retained it would be on the back but it does look good on the arm with the point facing down at an angle. In many re-enactment tourneys a hand weapon and shield is frowned upon as innacurate although i actually prefer it.
    cheers Tom

    1. Hello Tom, thanks for the interesting info, I felt it would be difficult to hold shield and fight with two handed sword. Hence the different options in my pictures.
      Personally I liked the shield on back option, picture 4, which you have verified.

  6. Super ritter!!!

  7. A wonderful figure! Really!