Monday, 30 April 2012

Retreat from Moscow Old Glory 40mm 1812

This is my rendition of Napoleons retreat from Moscow in 1812.  These are all Old Glory 40mm figures apart from the crows who are from Reaper miniatures. The trees,  rocks etc are hand painted resin.
I entered this in the Salute painting competition but it did not place, it had to go into the miscelaneous category so was up against a lot of good Fantasy stuff.
Again I have taken photos with my Phone, it does the job, might have to invest in a proper camera sometime though.
As you can see it is a rather large piece, about 50cm by 23cm. and typically I have nowhere big enough to display it.  So it will be up for sale soon, anyone interested please ask away.

This was my first attempt at a snow scene so happy how it turned out.

Any comments are welcome and thanks for looking.


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  1. Really beautiful work; I didn't know OG had a 40mm Napoleonic line. Best, Dean