Friday, 6 April 2012

Artizan 28mm Lawrence of Arabia with Iregular Camel Cavalry

Hello again to readers of my blog.  I decided to take a break from painting to take pictures and update my blog.  Here we have Artizan miniatures Lawrence of Arabia and his Arab Irregular cavalry in 28mm.
These were painted a couple of years back but never got around to taking pictures of them.
Again my painting style has changed , hopefully for the better, since doing these, I hope you like them?  The figure wearing white is supposed to Lawrence.
I am still taking pictures with my phone and still reasonably happy with them.

It will be Salute 2012 soon and a trip to London will be made, my son and I are both looking forward to get away and to meet like minded people there.
Any comments welcome and thanks for looking.



  1. Excellently painted; you don't see these very often. Best, Dean

  2. I agree! It's a really great work...