Saturday, 4 September 2010

Gripping Beast 28mm Ragnar the Viking

Well here we go as promised the Viking I bought at Claymore. Its a Gripping Beast 28mm metal figure and a very nice sculpt.
This figure comes in 2 parts, the right hand and spear are seperate from the body, believe it or not I managed to pin the hand and spear to the body, not easily but worth it for secureness.
I believe he is called Ragnar but looks nothing like Ernest Borgnine from the film Vikings, if I remember correctly?
Anyhow thanks for looking and comments welcome.


  1. Beautifully executed piece!

    Love him!

    Funnily enough this is the mini I sent out to be painted for the Steve Dean Forum Painting Swap :O)


  2. Hopefully you get him returned as good as, if not better than this one!
    Thanks for comment Michael