Friday, 17 September 2010

Gordons Last Stand 28mm Perry Minis

This is one of my latest projects, its a 28mm Perry Miniatures representation of General Gordons Last stand. Its copied from a painting by George William Joy and quite accurately done.
I did alter this slightly by putting a spear in Gordons chest as happened in the film starring Charlton Heston, not sure whether painting shows this or some kind of salute by him? Anyhow here it is, an enjoyable piece to work on and finish.
I am working on some Mutineer miniatures Highland infantry fromn the Indian Mutiny. This is my first time doing tartan and not an easy one, will post pictures when finished.
Thanks for looking and comments.

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  1. I discovered your blog today, for the comment you left on "el brazo de nelson," your miniatures are excellent, paint really well, if you come around Tenerife come to the shop, we are usually there on Saturday afternoon, just play historical, but the shop is focused more toward fantasy, something we hate, I really enjoyed your blog, I look forward to seeing more pictures, greetings!