Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Camerone 30th April 1863 - Last stand Diorama completed 54mm French Foreign Legion

Yes,  at last I have completed this diorama, of the Last stand at Camerone by the French Foreign Legion on the 30th April 1863 in Mexico.
As stated before it is a Pegaso Elite kit in 54mm.
Again I wont bore you with historical details, but it is an interesting story so take a look elsewhere for what happened on this day.
The pictures are again taken with my phone and it was a struggle to get all figures into focus, I think they turned out not too bad.

Thanks for looking.
Any questions or comments are most welcome,  Michael.


  1. Wonderful work, and a great subject. I'm no expert on the Foreign Legion but is this the story of a gallant last stand and the officer's wooden hand is a preserved and treasured relic?

  2. Beautiful! Museum quality work.