Friday, 21 March 2014

28mm Forgotten and Glorious 14th Brooklyn (84th New York Volunteers) Officer ACW

Hello to all, as I said in the last post I have halted work on the Camerone diorama and started other projects.  So here is a figure I received as a free sample from F. and G. miniatures.
It is a 28mm 14th Brooklyn (84th New York Volunteers) Officer and very nicely sculpted it is too, with no major flash lines etc and easy to paint.
The reds have not photographed well and look far better to the naked eye, I am still using my phone for pictures.

Any questions or comments are most welcome. 
Thanks  Michael.


  1. Stunning figure - your highlighting/shading technique is very impressive. Dean

  2. Hi Michael. I also received one of these free 14th Brooklyn figures and was very impressed with it. Haven't painted it yet though. But I got a charging infantryman -- not sure how you managed to get the officer!! Nicely painted -- as always.