Friday, 22 July 2011

28mm French Officer 7th Hussars Trent Miniatures Wargames figure

Hello again, after another long wait I have eventually got around to photograph some of my latest work.
This is a 28mm model from Trent miniatures of a mounted Officer of the 7th Hussars.  I am guessing its been sculpted by Copplestone but not 100% sure.
Anyhow its a lovely model and I enjoyed painting it.  Trent have some nice stuff if you trawl through their pages. Although the pictures they have of their models are not great and some of their models are not of a high standard like this one.  You are best to look at their models in the flesh so as to speak.
I did try NMM for the Gold on this model, not too successfully but it looks okay, practice makes perfect as they say.
Again thanks for looking,  more to come.

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