Sunday, 27 February 2011

Custers Last Stand 54mm Andrea Miniatures

I decided to take a break from painting to again photograph some of my older painted stuff.

This is 2 of Andrea Miniatures kits joined to make a decent representation of the well known Last stand, Heroic or stupid? We all have our own opinions.

I painted this a couple of years back but it always had a sheen to it when photographing it. So I gave it a quick spray with the Army painters anti-shine varnish, as recommended by Dave Imrie. I would also now highly recommend this spray varnish to people as I have tried almost every matt varnish on the market, I dont do shiny figures!

Anyhow I hope you like it and any comments welcome, thanks for looking


  1. Really great looking vignette!!


  2. Excellent, Excellent and Excellent again. Really good paint work. Also, liked the tip on the anti shine varnish. I hadnt heard of that before... must check it out.