Sunday, 24 October 2010

79th Cameron Highlander Indian Mutiny 28mm

Well here we go as promised my first attempt at tartan.

This is a 28mm Mutineer miniatures model sculpted by Mike Owen.

It took a bit of investigating but this again is hopefully historically correct to depict an Officer of the 79th Cameron Highlanders in India.

Any comments welcome and please take part in the Poll I have running, thanks.


  1. Excellent skills on the tartan.

    Any chance of the recipe?


  2. Thanks for comment.
    The Tartan was done using Foundry paints:-

    Scarlet 38b-French Dragoon Green 70a- French Dragoon 70c-Sky Blue 21a.
    There is no highlighting done on Tartan, just a little on the socks.
    I did intend to put another yellow/ochre stripe on but it looked too much.
    I am sure another Yellowy/Green would do the job if you dont have these or just mix it.

  3. Michael,

    Love the Highlander figure. I've just purchased a selection of Indian Mutiny figures (Warriors and British). I'm slightly lost on the latter and their variations in headgear throughout the conflict. Any help you or others could suggest would be most welcome. Details are in the latest posting on my blog.